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Preseason Pricing on CUSTOM Gear

FAQ: What is Preseason Pricing? How do I get the Preseason Discount online?

BOATHOUSE Preseason Pricing saves you up to 25% Off our Team Pricing for Custom Apparel in exchange of you accepting a delivery date that is out past our normal 4 week delivery window. It is an additional 10% off the Quantity Discount.

To qualify for Preseason Pricing, you must be ordering a minimum of 12 jackets or 24 sublimated uniforms.

To get the Preseason Discount online, enter one of the Promotion Codes below at checkout. You can also click on the promotional code and it will automatically be added to your cart. Please note that promotion codes cannot be stacked (only one can be used at a time).

PS815 - Order by 5/31/2018 for an 8/15/2018 Ship Date

PS915 - Order by 6/31/2018 for a 9/15/2018 Ship Date